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Dr. Diane Gleason, a native of Dardanelle, recently completed a forty-year teaching career. She has published two books: Dardanelle and the Bottoms: Environment, Agriculture, and the Economy in an Arkansas River Community, 1819-1970 (2017) and Warren G. Harding: Harbinger of Normalcy co-authored with Dr. H. Micheal Tarver (2012). Gleason currently continues historical research and writing at her Dardanelle, Arkansas facility, Gleason Historical Studies.

Joe Grimes, the son and grandson of tenant farmers, grew-up in Carden Bottom. After completing a career in the United States Air Force, he returned to Dardanelle to begin a successful business career and raise his family. Joe and his wife, Joann, continue to live in Dardanelle surrounded by friends and family who respect and admire his character and his unfailing interest in the Bottoms.


Editor: H. Micheal Tarver, professor of history at Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, Arkansas, is Editor of The Spanish Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia; Era Editor of World History Encyclopedia, Era 8: Crisis and Achievement, 1900-1945; and former Editor of the World HIstory Bulletin. Along with Dr. Diane Gleason and Dr. Colleen Boyett, Tarver is currently editing a four-volume encyclopedia on women in world history.